Photographing Food w/ the ALTA Pro 2+ Tripod
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Photographing Food w/ the ALTA Pro 2+ Tripod


ALTA Pro 2+... It's for those tough-to-reach-angles!

And what style of photographers could stand to benefit most from such a revolutionary piece of photographic equipment than food photographers? Let's face it, their job is hard enough already - always needing to make sure their subject looks fresh and enticing. And we won't even get into the many tricks they pull to get the job done properly.

So consider, for a moment, the not-so-simple logistics of positioning the camera properly in order to get the shots most food photographers need.

Most tripods will help in some capacity, but the ALTA Pro 2+ checks every box.

√ Height   √ Versatility   √ Load Capacity   And perhaps most importantly...  √ Flexibility

So let's take each one of those criteria and dig in a bit deeper to help explain why ALTA Pro 2+ is the IDEAL tripod for food photography.

Starting with FLEXIBILITY

This is where the ALTA Pro 2+ tripod really separates from the pack. Its multi-angle center column (MACC) is what allows you to boom out over your subject, or even hang the camera upside-down, opening up a world of possibilities you may never have known existed.

The tripod's flexibility also translates to its 4 separate leg angles; 20°, 40°, 60°,80°. A low angle center column adaptor will soon be available, allowing you to get as low to the ground as humanly possible.


ALTA Pro 2+ models range in sizes and number of leg sections. In fact, it might help to explain it this way - the less leg sections, the taller the tripod.

If you visit the ALTA Pro 2+ section on, you'll see that there are ALTA Pro 2+ 263 models and ALTA Pro 2+ 264 models. The "3" and the "4" in the product numbers refer to the number of leg sections that particular tripod features.

So to recap - an ALTA Pro 2+ 263CT has 3 leg sections and stands tall at 63.7", whereas the 4-section 264CT is 59".

Hopefully this guide will help:


A majority of the ALTA Pro 2+ models max out at over 15lbs, which is more than enough to trust that your expensive gear will remain safe and secure.

But just to be sure - The main thing you'll want to consider is the strength of the tripod head. For instance, if you refer to the chart we shared above, you'll notice that the tripod kits featuring ball heads are typically able to take on more weight than those featuring pan heads.

Make sure you choose a tripod setup that is appropriate for your style of shooting, but more specifically be sure to choose a tripod head that will get the job done with the amount of weight you're shooting with!


But what does that mean as it pertains to tripods? And specifically the ALTA Pro 2+ ???

Well... simply put, the ALTA Pro 2+ can be used in a lot of different scenarios, from everyday use to commercial jobs, macro nature photography to... well... food photography.

When it comes to a piece of gear like this, you're likely to continue to discover new and convenient uses for the tripod that you may never have considered before. For instance - shooting around other subjects, setting up on steep inclines, or even hanging the camera upside-down to get especially close to your subject. And no one has time to fumble with their gear on set. You need a tripod solution that can quickly be manipulated and positioned to help you get the shot! Simply put, the ALTA Pro 2+ is the most versatile and quickest set of legs on the market.

We hope this article has been helpful, and wish you much success with your food photography!

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