Harness Up for Bino Comfort
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Harness Up for Bino Comfort

Harness Up for Bino Comfort

The longer you spend time in the field in pursuit of game, the heavier and more awkward your binoculars can seem to become.  A binocular often starts out feeling light, but after considerable time spent hiking and climbing it suddenly begins to feel like the neck strap is cutting through the back of your neck.  What little weight there is becomes a constant reminder that you have something around your neck. Your chest becomes sore and you are aggravated from the number of times the binocular has bounced off your sternum as you jumped a log, or stood up too quickly from a crouched or low position.  I cannot forget to mention the constant chest thumping from all day hunting on horseback.

Binoculars with neck straps often bang into a fallen log or bounce off trees as hunters navigate obstacles or especially while making a stalk or low crawl - very often spooking game at the worst possible moment.  Another concern with the neck strap is getting up and down a treestand safely and quietly.

What you need to eliminate such problems is to try a good Bino-Harness for your next hunt.  VANGUARD offers the PH-1 harness (available in both green or Realtree® camo) to help make your time afield more enjoyable and successful.

The PH-1 passes over your shoulders in an “x” pattern away from the neck, putting the weight and strain on the bones and muscles of your shoulders and back area providing much better support and ultimately more comfort.

Good harnesses attach to the binos via free sliding fixtures which move up the strap as you raise them to view. With such a system held at eye level there is no stain at all.  The straps are continuous, passing through the fixtures and around your back.  This means that the binoculars are held much closer in to your chest at all times, no matter what you are doing.  This eliminates sternum discomfort and provides a secure, easy way to carry and protect your binoculars as long as you need to be in the field.

Harness up for Bino comfort… You will never go back to a neck strap.


By Robert J. Kaleta

(Vanguard Product Marketing Manager – Sporting Optics)

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