Vanguard Veo Collection Makes Travel Photography Easy
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Vanguard Veo Collection Makes Travel Photography Easy

Guest Blog Post by Wayne Smith, (Wayne Smith Photography)

Vanguard USA has developed a new line of lightweight camera gear that delighted me during a recent photo shoot, designed to test some their VEO Collection gear. When I first saw the VEO2 235AB tripod, VEO Discover 16Z camera pouch and VEO Discover 38 camera bag, I was instantly surprised at how compact everything was.

The VEO2 235AB tripod is an aluminum tripod that has all of the features that you rely on using Vanguards’ heavy ‘pro'series gear. Weighing only 3.1 pounds, this compact unit was very easy to use and delightfully compact for storage in either the specially designed VEO 38 camera bag, or in a tripod bag (included). The most surprising feature of this tripod is the BH-50 ball head, which is so small; my first thought was how cute it was.  Cute yes, but this entire assembly worked well during testing. For archival library research purposes and around the photography community, the VEO2 235AB worked well.

As you can see in Figure 1, the tripod can be quickly assembled for use as a ‘copy stand.’ This is a feature I hadn’t anticipated in advance.  In this configuration, the unit was very stable, even with a Cannon EOS 7D (with battery pack) and Cannon EF 24-70 lens attached. Impressive!

Figure 1  VEO2 235AB at work.

When we configured the tripod for more traditional shooting, it worked very well. The VEO BH-50 ball head was surprisingly solid. Working with the same camera and lens, my assistant Maddy was able to mount the camera and start shooting right away.  The BH-50 ball head worked smoothly and locked in position solidly. (Figure 2)

Figure 2   BH-50 ball head in action.

Figure 3   Unique tripod storage and top-access to other gear.

The VEO Discover 38 camera bag is well designed to accommodate full-sized cameras and lenses. The bottom section of the bag opens from the side, allowing the VEO 235AB tripod and BH50 ball head to fit inside. The rest of the bag can easily hold a full sized EOS camera, one or two lenses and a lot of camera essentials such as batteries, memory cards, cleaning cloths and cell phone. In all, the VEO 38 is about the size of a regular brief case but it holds your camera gear safely and is ideal for quick access.

When you are working with a lot of gear in the field, compact design and build quality matter. The VEO Discover 16Z is my ‘go to’ camera bag for most jobs. This bag holds a Cannon EOS 5 DSR with a 24-70 lens attached easily with room for cell phone business cards and small accessories.  When opened, the top inside panel of the bag has two good sized pouches for memory cards. This is a piece of gear that most photographers will find useful.

The VEO line of products would have been useful for my last field work. International travel can be complicated for photographer. Depending on the airlines, gear must either be checked at the gate or packed in carry-on luggage. For travelling with a lot of gear, Vanguard makes several travel cases that are ideal for check-in purposes. For casual shooters and holiday travel enthusiasts, the VEO line of Vanguard products are ideal. Consider them before your next photo adventures.

Maddy is a happy photographer.


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