Behind-the-Scenes with Chef Bri (Wilderness to Table)
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Behind-the-Scenes with Chef Bri (Wilderness to Table)

Join us as we give you an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of our photo/film shoot with Chef Bri Van Scotter of Wilderness to Table!  Look for upcoming episodes on Amazon.

What's Wilderness to Table, ya say?

To quote Chef Bri Van Scotter's own website... "In a world full of GMO's and artificial everything, hunting is a way to guarantee the purest form of protein possible. Chef Bri has dedicated herself to hunting for the food she eats and is passionate about showcasing the beauty of wild game meat. She creates recipes that are simple yet elegant and proves that there is more to wild game than just grilling the back strap!" The result of Chef Bri's dedication has materialized into her own wild game cooking show, a high-end production called Wilderness to Table coming to Amazon in 2018.

We at Vanguard are all-in on what Chef Bri is selling!  So much so that we decided to get together and hang out with Chef Bri for a couple of days in mid October.  There were plenty of cameras to document the occasion, as our primary goal was to create a beautiful short video highlighting Wilderness to Table's mission statement of taking back control of what we eat by knowing EXACTLY where it comes from!

Vanguard Senior Graphic Designer and Photographer Bryan Minear was the official stills photographer for the day.

...And Vanguard's in-house videographer Jacob Ermete didn't mind climbing a tree or two to get the perfect angle.

There's nothing like Michigan's Fall season!

Day 1 of our photo/video shoot with Chef Bri concentred on the "Wilderness" portion of Wilderness to Table.  Vanguard's Regional Sales Manager, Thomas Delhey, was kind enough to offer up his family's property in Saline, MI, which provided the perfect Fall setting as a backdrop.

Good Spirits, Great Times

Chef Bri was such a great sport - she literally stepped off the plane at Detroit Metro Airport and drove straight to Saline for the photoshoot.  Prior to arriving in Michigan, Bri had been in Manitoba, Canada on a moose hunt.  She came up short there, but was in good spirits nevertheless.

Hosting Chef Bri in Michigan provided a unique opportunity for Vanguard to photograph one of our Pros with some new products, some of which haven't hit the market yet.  Here's a sneak peak at a few of our product oriented shots that feature some new stuff coming down the pipeline!

coming soon... The VEO2 Shooting Stick!From "Wilderness" to "Table"From "Wilderness" to "Table"


From "Wilderness" to "Table"

Day 2 of our shoot saw us in a completely different scenario.  We had already covered the "wilderness", so now it was time to focus on the "Table".

Vanguard's Global Marketing Director, Josh Pawlak, offered up his house and home for us to capture this next crucial part of our video.  Josh never misses a chance to use both his Traeger grill and Big Green Egg!

It was all smoke, no mirrors...

Full disclosure - In order for the food to be ready to photograph by the time we got there, Josh threw a bunch of pork ribs in the Traeger at 5am. When Chef Bri and the crew arrived, all we had to was move them over to the Big Green Egg for the maximum amount of smoke and fire! Chef Bri threw some wood chips into the mix, and before we knew it we had the most beautiful combination of smoke and sunlight.

Call it movie magic, but all Chef Bri had to do at that point was baste the ribs in cherry Ecsh Road BBQ Sauce, locally in made in Honor, Michigan.

Sounds easy, right??!  Well, it would have been a lot easier if we hadn't had Bri pour the entire bucket of soaking wet wood chips on the coals!  Within seconds, we were surrounded by so much smoke that we couldn't even film.

Eventually we got back to filming, but the ribs were starting to look pretty dark and crispy.  Unfortunately, that's the sacrifice we make to get great footage!

As the smell of BBQ filled the air, Josh's dog Lacie stood guard to make sure we didn't have any hungry neighbors sneaking over to steal our food.

Maybe it was the heat...

...but things started to get a little silly, and we were finding inspiration everywhere we turned. As a token of our appreciation, we handed Chef Bri a bottle of locally made Ann Arbor Distillery Company's wheat vodka to take home with her, but not before we made a special photo op of it of course!

Shoes off, knives out!

Now it was time to move everything indoors. We had some specific shots we needed to get showing Chef Bri in her (other) natural environment; the kitchen.

As Chef Bri prepped some asparagus for our cameras - asparagus that admittedly never actually made it to the dinner table - we marveled at how much we'd been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.  Our only regret was not having had Chef Bri ACTUALLY cook for us.  What were we thinking??!

Hugs and high-fives

In the end, we were so thankful to be able to spend so much time with Vanguard Pro Chef Bri Van Scotter. Our video is on its way, but in the meantime we hope you enjoyed taking a behind-the-scenes look at things.

And stay tuned for Chef Bri's wild game cooking show Wilderness to Table, coming to Amazon in 2018.

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