Keys to Daytime Long Exposure Photography
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Keys to Daytime Long Exposure Photography

by Vanguard Professional Mark Miller

Long exposures have become very popular over the past few years and they are a great way to gain some attention on most photo sharing platforms these days.  It's a fun way to get creative and add interest to an image when done properly. Capturing a surreal image with streaking clouds or smoky waters isn't that hard once you have the keys to long exposures!

When it comes to gear there are a few things that you must have, and number one is a sturdy tripod. When taking a long exposure the shutter will be open from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the situation. You will need a solid tripod to ensure that you get a nice sharp image in the end. You will want to position the tripod securely enough that it doesn't wobble when touched. In really windy conditions you may need to hang a weight or your camera bag from the bottom column of the tripod to help anchor it (most tripods have a place to do this). I personally would recommend taking your camera strap off the camera too as the wind will catch it and cause some subtle camera shake.  I am a Vanguard Pro and exclusively use their tripods which I would recommend to anyone looking buy. I currently use the Alta Pro 2 and VEO 2 travel tripods. There are a lot of options out there so here are a few things to consider. Weight rating, ease of use, portability, and price. If you have any questions about tripods leave them below and I will gladly help.

The second item you will need is... (continue reading on Mark's site)


Mark Miller is a Michigan based landscape photographer with an eye for capturing the beauty of the world around him.  His vibrant and energetic imagery has gained him a large and loyal following on Instagram and has also gotten him featured in ad campaigns for the Olympus Corporation of America, and Pure Michigan.

Mark spends the majority of his time shooting throughout Michigan’s breathtaking Upper and Lower Peninsula’s but he loves to travel and explore new locations in pursuit of dramatic imagery. He finds his inspiration from the beauty that surrounds him, and evoking emotions from the viewers is the key that drives his passion.

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