Introducing Endeavor RS IV Riflescopes
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Introducing Endeavor RS IV Riflescopes




Vanguard Launches the NEW Endeavor RS IV, RS VI and RS VII Illuminated Riflescopes

Three New Riflescope Platforms Deliver Diversity, Durability, Accuracy and Ease of Use

Whitmore Lake, MI, June 30, 2017; To the benefit of hunters and shooters worldwide who are looking for quality and excellent value, Vanguard Outdoors introduces the new Endeavor RS IV, Endeavor RS VI and Endeavor RS VII series of riflescopes.  Announced at SHOT Show January, 2017, Vanguard Endeavor Riflescopes offer multi-application solutions for the beginning enthusiast to the field professional.  Every scope in the three series is a 30MM tube and has an eleven setting illuminated reticle.  The attributed numeric epithet is the key identifier to the magnification zoom range for each model.  Endeavor RS IV being a 4X Zoom Factor, the Endeavor RS VI being a 6X Super Zoom and the unique Endeavor RS VII is an impressive 7X Super Zoom.

All riflescopes contain premium HOYA ED glass with advanced Multiguard® multi-coating technology on every glass to air surface for superior resolution, clarity, color fidelity and light transmission.  Each riflescope tube is manufactured for durability from solid bar stock aircraft grade aluminum with a premium hard anodized finish to withstand the most adverse conditions and punishing use in rough terrain.  The rapid focus eyepiece allows the shooter to fine tune the reticle and the image quality for a razor sharp sight picture.  A unique “push, adjust & lock” side parallax adjustment knob offers fast access and parallax free shooting.  All turret adjustments are in ¼ MOA click values and every scope is nitrogen purged and completely sealed against water, fog, dust and debris and come with the Vanguard Premium Lifetime Warranty.

As a bonus each of the Endeavor RS IV, Endeavor RS VI and Endeavor RS VII are packaged with a premium neoprene protective cover, a set of flip up lens covers and a quality lens cloth.

Advanced illuminated reticle patterns like the NEW Dispatch™ ballistic reticles are designed by life-long shooters and optical engineers to deliver fast target holdover in an uncomplicated, user-friendly system. Reticles will be available in the Dispatch™ 600, Dispatch™ 800, and Dispatch™ Varmint for hunting and target shooting applications and the Dispatch™ TAC556 for tactical speed and precision encompassing CQB and longer distance shooting applications.

Model Availability:

Endeavor RS IV

1-4x24G                        German #4                    30 mm              Illuminated                     $349.99

1.5-6x42G                     German #4                    30 mm              Illuminated                     $429.99

2-8x32D                         Duplex                          30 mm              Illuminated                     $399.99

2.5-10x50G                   German #4                    30 mm              Illuminated                     $479.99

2.5-10x50DS6               Dispatch 600                  30 mm              Illuminated                     $499.99

3-12x56 G                      German #4                    30 mm              Illuminated                     $599.99

4-16x44 D                      Duplex                            30 mm              Illuminated                     $439.99

4-16x44DS6                   Dispatch 600                  30 mm             Illuminated                     $459.99

4-16x44 DS8                  Dispatch 800                  30 mm              Illuminated                     $459.99

4-16x50 D                      Duplex                             30 mm              Illuminated                     $529.99

4-16x50 DS6                  Dispatch 600                  30 mm              Illuminated                     $549.99

4-16x50 DS8                  Dispatch 800                  30 mm              Illuminated                     $549.99

5-20x50D                        Duplex                             30 mm             Illuminated                     $649.99

5-20x50 DSV                  Dispatch Varmint            30 mm             Illuminated                     $669.99


Endeavor RS VI

1-6x24G                        German #4                    30 mm              Illuminated                     $499.99

1-6X24DS556               Dispatch TAC556           30 mm              Illuminated                     $599.99


Endeavor RS VII

1-7x44G                        German #4                    30 mm              Illuminated                     $599.99

1-7x44DS556                Dispatch TAC556           30 mm             Illuminated                     $699.99

Vanguard is recognized worldwide for its quality outdoor product portfolio with an in depth application crossover developed to match multiple consumer needs afield.  We are the manufacturer and the brand and have been so for over 30 years.  With US Headquarters in Michigan, the Endeavor RS IV, Endeavor RS VI and Endeavor RS VII are an extension of our growing product lines, product support and expertise, and people dedicated to delivering superior service and quality. These scopes offer a price performance that is in a class by itself.

Please check the Vanguard website for complete model availability options and full detail at  The Dispatch™ Ballistic Reticle calculator can also be located and operated free of charge at



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