Meet our new Vanguard Professional Cristina Ramos
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Meet our new Vanguard Professional Cristina Ramos

Meet our new Vanguard Professional Cristina Ramos

We are glad to announce a new member in our Vanguard Professional Team!

Cristina Ramos is a wedding, travel, and fine art photographer from Zaragoza, Spain, currently based in Uppsala, Sweden. She loves working under the love vibes of the weddings, as well as traveling camera in hand entrapping the world in her lenses. But above all she loves creating fine art photography. She specializes in conceptual portraiture often portraying the subject in loneliness in a scenario/situation juxtaposed between fiction and reality.

Within a surreal atmosphere and through storytelling creative process, her images often play around concepts like rise and decay, human selfstrength and power, the individual and its habitat, and the subconscious human realm .

“ Im interested in dreams, being them a mixture of our traumas, passions, deepest fears and desires blended with our daily reality, I believe they are the greatest exponent tool we have to show our most real “I”. I like to  confront what belongs to this subconscious parcel with the surrounding reality, exploring the hidden world that resides inside us and the depth of
mind and soul, going beyond reality.

” Cristina Ramos holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts from University Complutense
of Madrid and has studied and worked in Greece, UK, and now Sweden where she currently Works as freelance wedding, fine art photographer, and ocasionally commissioned painter.
Outside her passion for photograhy, she loves drawing and painting, cinema, playing football,and table-tenis, singing, working out at the gym or outdoors, hiking, reading and eating tapas.

Read the article to know more about Cristina!

How you did you first discover your love of photography?

My real passion as a child was drawing and painting and my love for photography began at around 17 years old by coming across a landscape photography exhibition! I found myself getting lost in each picture for 20 minutes and i just wanted to create them myself just for the pleasure of contemplating them and imagining myself there, as a way to  escape from the asphalt of the city i had always lived, kind of to breath that nature even if only through a picture. For me photography was therapeutic.

And so I joined some spanish landscape photo fórums such as ojo digital or canonistas and started learning in those the basics of photography. By the moment i started Fine Arts at University my passion was divided 50 percent between painting and photography, and I of course took all the posible photography courses I could enjoying a lot the dark room too.

In painting I was always fascinated by the alternative perception of the world of surrealism and the color and light technique of impresionism and my paintings were moving on that sphere.

Untill i reached a point where I realized I could materialize the ideas and concepts i was painting in canvas much faster with photography and software. So that is how -never leaving aside traditional painting-, I felt absolutely in love with fine art photography, and left aside a bit pure landscape photo to focus on this more creative field. I just enjoy so much to think of an idea and be able to see it represented within hours or days. Is such a fun game to sketch something, go to collect the material(pictures), and stitch them creating the final puzzle that matches that idea that only existed in your mind, and was not posible to shoot because it doesnt exist in real world!! Omg i love it!

I also love portraiture and 2 years ago i started doing some wedding photography for friends and i enjoyed so much that I turned wedding photography into one of my income sources that is nowadays.


Where did you learn your photography technique?

I started learning photography by myself online in fórums, websites, the few videos in youtube there existed by then i watched them all, and with books I was buying or borrowing from friends.

Then as I mentioned I did in the 5 years of fine arts at niversity, 3 yearly courses of photography. The first was analogic and most of the shooting and camera aspecs of what we learnt applies to digital and I had already studied it by my own, but this course gave me the oportunity to explore the pinhole camera, a photo camera we had to create with a shoes box! Wow! To take pictures with that was just unbelievable but true. And then I enjoyed a lot all the magic of the dark room, even with the suspense of the picture getting revealed in the chemicals wondering how it would finally look.

Then I did another two years of digital photography which consisted basically in doing our projects with some supervisión. But the technique itself, I would say I had learnt it myself. And I still learn and experiment, and will do forever i think.

What is your most memorable photo shoot?

I would say is the “Sunrise in your hands” that represents the strengh we all have to pull the sun and our inner light out of the darkness.


I took this one back in 2013. I had just arrived in Sweden a couple of days before.

The first day I was  there I spoted from a bus a big empty field full of snow that fitted an idea of photo i had,. So the day after I took my gear and my not at all snow protective boots from and old sale in Spain and went there. It was a sunny day not specially  cold so all perfect!-i thought, but i was not prepared at all.  I was shooting with the tripod and the remote in that 3 feet layer snow field so concentrated that I literally forgot myself.

I was going back and forth from the posing point to the camera to check for half an hour and at some point i noticed i was not feeling my feet and I couldnt move them inside the boots, but I could walk so i said ok 5 minutes more for the last shoots and ciao. But before that I started feeling the feet like burning and I got so scared that I left the camera in the tripod there and  went running to an open garage of a family house nearby and I started crying trying to move the feet thinking i was gonna lose them or something.

So in that moment the owner of the house that had probably gone to throw the rubish arrived, and you can imagine his face watching a girl coming out of nowhere with a panic atack crying and jumping all over his garage. Couldnt be more surreal. But well.. I explained what happened “ look I didnt know the snow was so cold…” ridicuolous,  but they were lovely, let me in, took some care and I recovered after some time and all ended well, but ill never forget that show in the garage. But I particularly love that picture, also for what it represents. It stands in my desk for motivation.

Often, my favourite pictures are the ones I enjoyed most the shooting experience related to that photo. In random order, not in preference, I show you here some.

2 Lost and found

“ Lost and found”

In this picture I wanted to play a game with the viewer and the viwed, stablishing a dialogue between who is the lost one and who find who.

For this picture I was alone in a forest near my home in Sweden. I was shooting and a man passed by behind the camera standing on the tripod and stopped to ask what I was doing, and in the chit chat we found out we were both spanish speakers as he was chilian, so we were talking a bit while shooting.

As the time was passing his confidence with me went in crescendo and started asking to take me the picture himself (to help), I explained that it was  not necessary and he accepted it, but he would not accept that I was not smiling! It was a picture so I had to smile! What was that face? Haha he was finding it really disturbing for some reason cause he got really insistent and gave me a mini workshop on face posing “ have to show your best face, see how I do” ..and he was smiling to show me the correct way hahah it was funny (a bit weird/ creepy too) but he gave me lots of laughs in that shooting!


3 The city is mine

“The city is mine”

In this picture I wanted to materialized the feeling of freedom withdrawn from the frenetic rhythm of the city, connected with the world. I daydream with arriving for the first time to Paris, triumphal, and I cross the arch of Napoleon, to run the Champs Elysees until I arrive till La Concorde. The time stops, and the city is mine.

Anyone who has been in the Arc of triumph in Paris know that’s a very touristic point and you will never find it clear of people. When I did it I had to do several times the movement of running  and the pose back and forth. I was with the camera on a tripod and a friend taking care of it,  but I had also like 15 japanese on a queue waiting for me to stop clowning. The shooting was then or never cause I had to leave from Paris the day after and It was a bit absurd cause I was feeling stressed for them waiting so they were listening me shouting please sorry! this is very important! and right after watching me doing that silly thing of running and jumping non stop. At the end they were smiling and asked If the photo was ok so I guess they forgave me.


4 Let it fly

“Let it fly”

The concept here was simple. I wanted to represent the mind traveling experience that reading brings  through the leaves that turn into flying birds.

Its meaningfull for me cause it was the first time i experimented with levitation photography and took me quite a lot of effort but i remember the feeling of endless satisfaction in that moment when I finished it.


5 Murphy law

“ Murphy law”

Murphy law means that if there is any chance something can go wrong, it will go worng.  I wanted to create an fun ironic picture to represent that law that is applied when the toast always falls down in the butter side doing it with humor sense.

It is a picture I love because it was done during a trip with my friends in the aragonese pirenees. We were exploring around there, with the road clear of cars and no one passing in the whole time, doing silly things, funny pictures with absurd ideas and just having soo much fun!


6 Loading season

“Loading season”

Here is my boyfriend posing. He has little patience when it comes to posing for pictures generally, and if he is going to model for me i have to do some mentalizing therapy a bit of time in advance, but this shooting was improvised.

We were supoused to just go hiking with the bikes and explore the nature there, and we were enjoing a lot, but i had the camera and that automn landscape was insipiring me a lot so suddenly he listened the dreaded “can we take a picture?” question, and all the horror of the world came to him . He said no please not today! And i begged “ just 1 minute!”. Okay one minute no more!”. After 15 minutes me changing and doing corrections he was still standing in that pose begging for freedom, and after another 10 minutes he just exploted and started knocking the bike in the floor, and shouted ENOUGH! BYEEEE! And vanished inside the trees in a fraction of second. It may not sound funny reading it, but believe his spontaneous reaction was hilarious. So our memories of this picture might be totally different. As for me, I love it.



7 Scratch!

“ Scratch!”


This one, taken 2 years after the “ Sunrise in your hands” is to show that I finally got to get around the shootings in the snow with proper shoes hehe. I like this one too because the sea part is from Greece, in cape Sunion near Athens, and im strongly conected to that country.  This one represents a common feeling in winter here in Sweden. You want just to be able to scratch somewhere and jump into a warm paradise.


8 beauty salón

“ Beauty salón“

Here I wanted todo a fantasy scene with elements I love such as my little sister Laura, the cebras, animal that has always fascinated me, and Seljalandsfoss in Iceland(one of the most amazing locations to shoot)

It means a lot because it took me two weeks to do it, whereas my previous record of time in a single picture had been much less. Again like  “Let it fly” , this has implied the extreme happiness of the work done. I enjoyed a lot the process too.


What camera equipment do you use?

I use a Canon Eos 5d Mark II and as lenses the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS, the canon 24-70mm 2.8 (these two come always to the weddings), the sigma 35 mm 1.4 art which is my favourite travel lens, the canon 50 mm 1.8, the canon 85 mm 1.8, my favourites for portraits, and a godox v860 speedlight, tripod, reflectors and some other lighting stuff that i use when necessary cause i love natural lighting.


What is your next project?

I am now working on a fine art photo series where i tackle the relation between human and animals. Simultaneously I continuing with wedding photography and I am  about to launch a wedding photography company disociated from my general fine art photography website. And I am going to start a travel photography blog, where I will showcase pictures and adventures I have living from 2010 since I left Spain for an Erasmus in Greece till nowadays covering most of european countries, and expanding it to outside Europe from june, that I travel to the US.

Cristina is using the VEO 235AB and Alta Rise 45 backpack

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