Photo tips from Dave Thomas - Hunting / Outdoors Photographer 
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Photo tips from Dave Thomas - Hunting / Outdoors Photographer 

Vanguard Pro - Dave Thomas - Outdoor Photographer

What I look for when taking pictures is that moment that really strikes me as something pure. I reach out to nature to look for those moments that have special meaning. When you're outdoors taking pictures you have to pay attention to the lighting and the surroundings. You also have to pay attention to your subject. I personally like taking pictures of people or objects in the field.


To me if you can get closer to the subject, the results will be much much better. In order to get close to the subject you have to have two things; First you need a lens that can reach out, and secondly you need a tripod that can keep you super steady. I put my trust into Vanguard.


Vanguard has given me the opportunity to capture some really amazing photography in the field. Having that ability to stabilize my shots is critical to the finished product.

I started taking pictures in the outdoors about 10 years ago. I learned then that my love for the outdoors could be shared with people if I brought them that exact moment in the way I saw it. It's important to me to share the love and heritage of the outdoors. What makes me most happy as a photographer is inspiring other people through photography to explore the outdoors.


For my gear I use Canon and Sony products. I find the versatility of the Canon line to be absolutely amazing when taking pictures in the outdoors. When I'm working close up to a subject I tend to switch to Sony.  I generally carry two cameras in the field, along with four major lenses. I will always carry a 24-70mm, 55mm Prime, 100-400mm and Marco lens.


My favorite Vanguard products are the VEO series for tripods. I find them to be very easy to carry, and they help stabilize my shots in the field. I also like the Supreme cases with the dividers to separate my lenses, cameras and keep them safe in the field.

Thanks for reading - Wishing you luck with your outdoor photography!

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