Pier Pressure by Floyd Dean
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Pier Pressure by Floyd Dean

While traveling on jobs I always try to get in some fun time shooting for myself.

Jupiter 5_ 2016 51106

While in Southern Florida I found this pier and love to play with long exposures.  Long exposure photography always need two things;  A great tripod and a very good neutral density filter.


My tripod was the Alta Pro 283 CT.  Light for travel and solid as you can get for this type of work and with great flexibility.  I love Sony camera’s and I used the A6500 on this shoot.  Having lighter equipment means a lot when you have a bag full of bodies and many lenses with you.

Jupiter 5_ 2016 51099

Image was shot with a B+W ND 3.0 filter at ISO 800 at 25 seconds.  The f-stop change per scene.  The lens was the 16-35  FE Sony Ziess.

IMG_3110aJupiter 5_ 2016 51115


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