David Talley's Ultimate Gift Guide
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David Talley's Ultimate Gift Guide


David Talley is a USA-based, internationally recognized photographer based out of Portland, Oregon.  Recently, David offered up some of his favorite gear as a sort of ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for pro photographers, and we have to agree it's a pretty darn good list!

In his own words... "This is more than just a gear layout... in this blog post, I'm going to give you insight on EVERY tool I use as a professional photographer, including the cameras and lenses I shoot with, the live streaming options I use, the tripods, clamps, and holders I utilize, the software I use to edit, the websites I use to host my content and work with clients, and much, much more.

Here's David's list of EVERYTHING he covers in his Holiday Gift Guide: 

1. The Gear I Shoot With (lenses, cameras, tripods)
2. The BEST Camera Bags I've Ever Owned
3. How I Light My Images (Natural and Flash)
4. How I Live Broadcast and VLOG
5. What I Use for Battery Backup
6. Creative Support Products (Like backdrops and fog machines!)
7. Websites and Programs I Use

CLICK here and discover all of David's tricks of the trade!


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