The inspiring story of a beloved outdoors TV show 65 years old and counting
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The inspiring story of a beloved outdoors TV show 65 years old and counting

In 1951, Mort Neff was host of an outdoors-focused radio show. He thought a TV show that spotlighted Michigan’s outdoor splendor was a brilliant idea. He and a friend created Michigan Outdoors. Among the first outdoors-focused shows to hit American televisions, Michigan Outdoors followed Michigan sportsmen and women as they hunted, fished, hiked and enjoyed other outdoor pursuits throughout the state. Its strategy was simple: make Michigan and its people the true stars of the show. Mort Neff and the outdoors-loving men and women who followed him as show hosts remained true to this original approach. Each episode focuses on a different region in Michigan with different Michigan sportsmen and women enjoying a variety of outdoor adventures. While the show hosts have always been important to the fabric of the show, the show’s signature personality shines through the people and places in each episode’s story.

In the early 1990s, Michigan Outdoors was one of the first long-standing outdoors shows with female co-hosts. More than 65 years later, the award-winning show remains extremely popular – beloved by several generations of outdoors men and women. Now known as Michigan Out of Doors, the show airs throughout Michigan and other Midwestern states.

img_9432Host Jimmy Gretzinger, who’s been with the Michigan Out of Doors (MOOD) brand for 18 years, believes MOOD’s continued focus on the people and places of Michigan is one of the leading reasons the show remains strong after so many years.

“Michigan Out of Doors TV has always been about the sportsmen and women of this great state and highlighting our unbelievable natural resources here in Michigan,” Jimmy said. “It’s not about the hosts, which is a different approach than many of today’s outdoor shows. It’s truly about Michigan’s men and women, the story of Michigan’s outdoors and providing a very well-rounded look at everything you can do in this state. If you’re not particularly interested in something featured on this week’s episode, odds are that you’ll be interested in what’s featured the following week. People tell us they really like the pace and variety in our magazine-style format. That’s also really different.”

Show fans tune in every week for a new episode.


Jimmy Gretzinger, host of Michigan-Out-of-Doors TV

“The fact that we produce 52 episodes a year is very unheard of in the industry,” Jimmy said. “It’s a lot of work but people really appreciate it. They’re really encouraging. It’s all more than worth it.”

Based in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, Vanguard is a proud sponsor of Michigan Out of Doors.

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