Apparel to improve your hunt
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Apparel to improve your hunt

We all know the importance of the right firearms and archery equipment for a successful hunt but what we wear in the field has an under-discussed but hugely impactful role in the hunting experience. Choose the right apparel to optimize your comfort and improve your performance.

Here are several popular hunting apparel products worth trying this season:


voormi-rmef-blowdown-pullover-newVoormi® Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation® (RMEF) Blowdown Pullover

This pullover provides standout comfort and concealment. Each wool fiber is dyed separately and then reconstructed to provide superior concealment. While the camouflage surface reflects light, the blowdown changes with lighting conditions and ultimately absorbs light. Combining this spatially constructed wool for concealment, with Voormi’s abrasion-resistant, surface-hardened wool, you’ll benefit from this superior, thermal mid-layer built for the most rugged timber navigation.


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Voormi® Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) Access Phase.HVIS Vest

Featuring Voormi’s PHASE.HVis™ Technology, the high-visibility Access Vest in blaze orange offers multi-seasonal thermal performance for hunters’ backcountry pursuits. Sporting an outer matrix of high-visibility performance fibers interlaced with fine micron merino wool. PHASE-HVis™ Technology brings a completely new dimension of performance to the world of traditionally light absorbing natural fibers.


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Orvis® Upland Hunting Boots 

Shoes are undoubtedly one of the most important investments you can make for your hunt. The world-famous, lightweight and durable Orvis hunting boots provide a custom, comfortable fit. Supple kangaroo leather has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for hunting boots. Weight: 3 lbs. 5 oz. for size 9 pair. Made in USA. Unlike most boots, the Orvis Upland Hunting Boots do not require a traditional break-in period. Its kangaroo leather will stretch up to 20% in the first two hours of wear. After a couple of days, the leather will conform to the shape of your foot for a truly customized fit.

$395 USD

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Heat Holders® Thermal Socks

No matter the temperature, thick Heat Holders thermal socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable.


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Scentlok® Major League Bowhunter cap in Realtree® camo

Protect your eyes from the sun and show your bowhunting and USA pride while you’re at it with this cap.


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Pioneer 2100RT FrontVanguard® Pioneer 2100RT outdoor backpack in Realtree® camo

A hunting pro favorite, the Pioneer backpack is perfect for any hunt, enabling you to securely, safely and conveniently carry everything you need, including a rifle or bow. It’s made of water-repellent, soft and durable Tricot fabric in Realtree Xtra® camo. Pioneer is well padded for comfort and to protect your gear. It includes a waist belt with quick access zip pockets with two detachable pouches.


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Under Armour® eyewear in Realtree® camo

With features such as an anti-bounce bridge, adjustable nose pad, storm polarized lens technology and an ultra-lightweight body design, Under Armour eyewear is uniquely suited for extended wear out in the field.

$70 – 170

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