The deer hunting gear packing list
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The deer hunting gear packing list

Thoughts from Michigan Out of Doors Television’s Jordan Browne

“The cost of gear can be intimidating for people who want to hunt,” said Jordan Browne of the popular TV show, Michigan Out of Doors. “But high-quality, reliable gear is much more affordable today than it was for older generations.”

Like millions of others, Jordan is looking forward to the upcoming deer hunting season.

“Now is the time to get ready for fall hunting before everyone rushes to the retailers to stock up on what they need as soon as summer ends,” Jordan said.


Affordable, essential items deer hunters should never head out into the field without

  1. Reliable firearm or bow with quality ammo or arrows
  2. Hunting boots
  3. Hunting apparel, preferably in camo patterns
  4. Binoculars
  5. Range finder
  6. Rope
  7. Flashlight or headlamp
  8. Knife
  9. Harness, if hunting in a tree stand
  10. Comfortable backpack (In Jordan’s backpack, he hauls 10-15 lbs. of camera gear!)

“My Vanguard binoculars and spotting scope live in my truck,” he said. “I don’t leave home without them.”

What to look for in binoculars for deer hunting

“With it comes to binoculars, it’s all about the quality of the glass and the overall durability,” he said. “I'm very hard on my hunting gear. I need a set of binoculars that will perform in the harshest conditions. When they get dropped, scratched and dirty, they still have to deliver sharp image quality. When you hunt, the clarity really matters.”

The role of spotting scopes in deer hunting

“In Michigan, I use spotting scopes as a scouting tool,” he said. “It enables me to glass an area from a long distance, reducing the risk of spooking game in the process. In areas where there are large volumes of hunters like we have here in Michigan, that’s important. In the western states, of course, spotting scopes are crucial. I've hunted several times in Kansas for whitetails. I wouldn't make the trip without a good spotting scope. I can't count the number of deer that I've located through a spotting scope that I would have never found with a pair of binoculars. Also, for rifle hunters, spotting scopes can aid in identifying the size and age of a buck so you can decide to shoot or not.”

Jordan’s favorite Vanguard gear for deer hunting

Are you ready for fall hunts?

Jordan is among tens of thousands of hunters and outdoor buffs, worldwide, who’ve embraced Vanguard optics as their go-to gear. Vanguard spotting scopes and binoculars have earned multiple awards from respected outdoor magazines and websites.

Vanguard is celebrating this success and 30 years in business this year with mail-in rebate promotions on these bestselling products, valid now through September 30, 2016:

  • Take up to $80 off ENDEAVOR ED, ENDEAVOR ED II and SPIRIT XF binoculars
  • Get a free ABEO 243AV tripod with pan head ($169.99 value) when you purchase an ENDEAVOR HD spotting scope
  • Get a free ALTA + 233AO tripod with pan head ($139.99 value) when you purchase an ENDEAVOR XF spotting scope
  • Get up to $30 off PIONEER and ENDEAVOR packs to carry gear


Jordan is a lifelong outdoorsman. As a young boy in central Michigan, he spent as much time hunting and fishing as time would allow.

“I can’t imagine who I’d be if I hadn’t been introduced to hunting and fishing as a child,” said Jordan. “Spending time in and connecting with the outdoors is so good for the mind, body and soul. Hunting and fishing is part of who I am.”

Jordan’s lifelong passion for outdoors sports has led him to speak often about the positive effects hunting and fishing. He said many people tell him they’ve been long interested in the sport, or were involved in it years ago, but have been reluctant to pick it up.

He offered these recommendations for new or re-connected hunters:

  1. Connect with the seasoned outdoorsmen and women in your life. They will be eager share their insights and may even invite you to join them on a hunting or fishing trip.
  2. Take hunter safety classes.
  3. Educate yourself on current fish and game regulations.
  4. Equip yourself with the right gear.

Jordan invites you to connect with Michigan Out of Doors on Facebook.

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