Perfect Travel Companions
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Perfect Travel Companions

Recently, Vanguard Professional Elizabeth Gadd dropped us a line.  We were happy to hear that she's been loving a particular couple of products we offer, as they especially came in handy on her recent trips to Medicine Lake and Brandywine Falls, BC.

In her own words...

"Absolutely loving the Sedona backpack! Lots of space to carry my two camera bodies and at least 3 lenses in the main compartment, as well as lots of extra gear, food and clothing I regularly take on long photo day expeditions."

July 6-9

"Easy to keep everything well organized inside, and easy quick access to my camera from the back. The pockets on the sides are perfect for carrying large waterbottles and tripods, and I find myself frequently using the handy straps on the outside of the pack to attach any extra items (jacket, trekking poles, etc.)."

July 6-10

The pack is comfortable to wear, and the waist and chest straps help distribute the weight evenly, making long days seem effortless.  Favourite backpack I've owned to date so far, couldn't be happier with it!"

July 6-7July 6-5


"For the days I can't be bothered carrying anything heavy, the Espod CX 1 tabletop tripod is a godsend.  It's small and weighs next to nothing (perfect for those long grueling hikes!), yet still very sturdy.

July 6-2

Though the max height is not very tall, most of my photos are shot from a lower angle anyway, so it's perfect for my work. Really quick and easy to set up and fold back down.  Simplicity at it's best!"

July 6-4


Known for her vast and serene landscapes, Elizabeth Gadd is a young photographer based just outside of Vancouver, Canada.


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