Austin Jones competes at the IBO National Triple Crown
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Austin Jones competes at the IBO National Triple Crown

It was the 2nd leg of the IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) National Triple Crown. Austin took 2nd place in the 1st leg due to some equipment issues; a broken scope was a big one. Austin shoots in the Physically Challenged Bowhunter Class. Starting Saturday June 11th Austin was 8 points out of first place, and the triple crown is cumulative. He just got his competition crossbow back on Friday morning. I got his Vanguard mounted on it and we sighted it in on the practice bags just before the shoot began. We  started shooting at 11:00 am and at the end of the first day Austin finished shooting clean through fifteen targets. IBO scoring is 5 points if you hit the body anywhere outside of the scoring rings, 8 points if you hit within the largest ring ( basically the kill zone) and 10 points if you hit the small ring. 300 on thirty targets is considered perfect, though within the 10 ring is a smaller ring, the 11  or X ring. If you hit it you get a bonus point, so anything above 300  is called shooting up. His tally for the first day was 8 X's and 7 10"s putting him in the lead for the day with a score of 158.
Day two started at 9:00 am. Austin shot an 11 on the first target, burying his arrow to the fletching. The IBO scorer had to pull the arrow through the target. These are brand new Rhinehart 3d targets and they are very dense. I looked at the fletchings and thought the arrow would be fine to shoot, I was very wrong, he shot a 5 on the standing bear target. The arrow sounded like a jet plane as it flew towards the target. Archery is a very mental game and it showed as we shot an 8 on the next target. Fortunately Austin took a few deep breaths and remembered that he has 100% confidence in his equipment. He shot clean the rest of the way through the course. He won the 2nd leg with a total score of 308. The win put him in the lead for the IBO National Triple Crown. The 3rd leg is July 8th thru the 10th in Claredon PA. If he wins he gets to shoot in "The Best of the Best", a shoot off of the Triple Crown winners in all classes, even the Pro Mens. He has already qualified to compete for the IBO World Championship, he is hoping to finish at least one place higher than last year. He placed 2nd.
Shooting on Saturday was challenging due to high skies, stiff breezes and shooting in  the mature hardwoods. The shadows constantly were changing and making it difficult to find the X ring. Austin had no trouble because his sight picture is clearer than it has ever been. Sunday presented a whole new set of challenges, overcast and humidity pushing 90%. It didn't matter because his Vanguard held a perfect zero through every single shot. Well over 60 shots without moving a millimeter, which impresses us because a crossbow shooting at 390 fps has brutal recoil.. We have had at least ten different scopes over the last several years trying to find the right one... Our search is over.
Once again thanks for everything. The equipment all works flawlessly and is a pleasure to use. Hopefully Austin will win a World Championship using his Vanguard scope. I know we are going to put a lot of food in the freezer this fall with it.
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