The Gratification of a Quick Shoot!
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The Gratification of a Quick Shoot!

With a busy schedule, it can often feel like personal projects must be put aside. However, as Vanguard Pro Kiara Rose explains, sometimes an hour is all you need...

The Gratification of a Quick Shoot

My name's Kiara Rose, I'm a travelling portrait and commercial photographer based between Sydney, Australia and Portland Oregon. Let me take you behind the scenes on a fun little portrait shoot I did with Vanguard Professional, David Talley.
A huge issue in my photo career is a lack of time. I have learnt how to create images and sets of images from beginning to end in less than an hour (and to then get back to all the work I have). Here's an example of how easy it is to block out some time in a busy schedule and shoot some pics!
We shot in a beautiful spot down by the Willamette River in Portland. The sun was out from behind the clouds after weeks of rain, and we shot in a dappled area where the light just sprinkled through the trees up on the shore.
Right across from us was a beautiful view of the river (and many people absorbing the warmth from the sun!)
My usual process of shooting includes scouting a location, testing lighting and then working with my props and model to create a story (usually one that has already been planned and decided).
I had dreamt up a story about a young man who had washed to shore, after giving up on a journey to find the person he loved. David modelled so well for this. We used a cheap zodiac raft, an oar, rope, net, antique binoculars, and colour appropriate clothing.
I used a reflector (just a small 24" one, with the gold cover rather than silver to replicate sun warmth!), my VEO tripod and VEO backpack (which I wear on my back and usually clip things on to for quick reach), my canon 5d mark ii and Sigma 35mm 1.4 . I used the tripod to hold my reflector this time rather than shooting through it with my camera attached to the top (quick hint if you don't have any assistance with lighting)
We shot some different images and were only shooting for about 10 minutes (praise for perfect natural lighting!)
Here are the final results below, after some editing in lightroom, the set of images turned out so beautifully. The addition of the warmth from the reflector held up by the VEO tripod was super helpful.
Vanguard's VEO line is a huge part of my creative process, even if I'm using things for stabilisation or to hold up lighting equipment! Overall, this 10 minute shoot took 10 minutes of planning, 20 minutes of editing and took me a total of less than an hour of time in total to create!
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