Meet our new award winning Professional Dave Zdanowicz
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Meet our new award winning Professional Dave Zdanowicz

1. Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

All I aim for when I take a photograph is to try capture the views and conditions I am witnessing. A photograph can capture a scene or a moment perfectly.

A shot of the Overflow Plug at Lady Bower Reservoir in Derbyshire.

2. Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path?

There has never really been key photographers who have influenced my work but I have had helped from lots along the way. Photography forums and Facebook groups have been a great help for my progression. Whether that has been through advice or just viewing great photographs and trying to analyse what the photographer has done.
My friend Brahim was the one who first got me involved in photography as he was selling his old digital camera really cheap! I couldn’t resist and I’ve never looked bag.
My dad has been the biggest influence on me as he has inspired me to go out and see many great locations. He’s always on hand for advice.

3. What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

I just love the art form. There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing a great scene and trying to capture it. I also love sharing the views with others and positive feedback always inspires me to keep doing it.

Malham limestone rocks

4. What do you think makes your work distinct?

That’s a hard question to answer as personally I think there are many great photographers and many deserving to have their work in their public eye.
I think one benefit I have is that I am always at it. I always dedicate every spare moment to the art form and if I am not taking a pic I am trying to promote the ones I have already taken.

Malham 1_Blog

5. What is your most memorable photography book and why?

The most memorable is the first one I read when I started getting into photography and it was just a general guide to the art form. I didn’t know anything about technical settings back then so it was a great help.

ribblehead viaduct

6. What would your best advice be for some that might have the following challenge?
“Why do breath-taking views turn into “boring” photos, and how can I do better?”

All I’d suggest is don’t give up. I’ve shot breath-taking locations which look dull one day and spectacular the next. A view can change quickly just due to lighting, weather conditions and time of day. Always experiment shooting at different times

Hebden Bridge 1

7. How do you show the slope in your pictures? Even mountain roads often appear flat in photos – how do you get around this?

Shooting from different angles. Placing something in the shot which shows scale. E.g a person next to a big structure will always enhance the picture as it gives scale to the photograph.

The Road to Edale_Blog

8. What photography gear do you use?

Alta Pro 283CB 100 - Front

BBH-300 - Front

Skyborne 51 - Front

9. How important is the tripod to taking your shots?

I use the tripod all the time with my photography. It lessons the chance of blur or images being sharp due to the camera being still. It slows the process down so it allows me to really think about the framing of the shot. It also allows me to do long exposures which is my favourite type of photography.

10. What is your digital darkroom process from when you download your files until you display them?

I shoot in RAW format and I load the files into a program called Adobe Lightroom. I spend 2-3 minutes on each shot doing some basic editing. (vibrance, contrast, shadows, highlights, sharpness and noise reduction) I then save them with my watermark and upload them to various social media sites.

Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags

11. Marketing is a crucial component for any professional photographer and we see that you have had a number of photos published in different magazines and television programmes- how else do you market yourself?

I use social media a lot. I really work on building engagement with the people who follow or like my photography. The more you post the more chance you have of this happening.

12. What is your most memorable photo shoot?

Either a morning at Scarborough or Whitby in Yorkshire. Both are spectacular places and the weather those mornings really dished up a beautiful sky.
Or Mam Tor in Derbyshire. The views there are absolutely spectacular. It’s a really special place.

whitby abbey_Blog

13. Is there a location you have your heart set on next to photograph? Perhaps the South West Coast near Vanguard Offices!?

Without doubt the South West Coast near the vanguard offices. I’m just waiting for the invite haha.
My wish list is: Lake District, Scotland, Snowdonia, Dorset and I’d love to photograph robin hoods bay.

The sunrise on 27.12.15 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. I captured surfers and morning walkers

The sunrise on 27.12.15 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. I captured surfers and morning walkers

14. Any final words of advice or encouragement to someone starting out with or wanting to improve their wildlife photography?

Just get out there as much as possible and take loads of photographs. That’s the beauty of digital photography. You can delete the rubbish ones!

This way to the bridge

15. Why Vanguard?

I just love Vanguard products. They are really well made. If you have spent a lot of money on a camera then it deserves a good bag, or a good tripod to go with it.


To find out more about Dave you can follow him on twitter or visit his website:

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