Endeavor ED II: A Wildlife Photographer's Best Friend
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Endeavor ED II: A Wildlife Photographer's Best Friend

Endeavor ED II: A Wildlife Photographer's Best Friend

Vanguard Professional Nicola Destefano is a professional wildlife photographer based in Italy. His images have been featured in various magazines and other media all over the globe.


A couple of months ago I received a Vanguard Endeavor ED II 8x42 Binocular to test and use for my work. Observation, and specifically spotting your photographic subjects, is essential for every nature photographer and should not be considered a trivial matter.
I was really impressed by the Endeavor binoculars for their solidity, finishes and brightness. Images were sharp from edge-to-edge and there were no color aberrations or defects of any kind. However, not only was I impressed by the performance - I could already attest to the quality of other Vanguard products - but by the low price of this superb tool as well.
This is a fully waterproof, fog proof, and well-balanced binocular that I can use in all weather conditions and in every corner of the planet.
I brought it with me a few times during some mountain trips and used it to observe birds and other mammals. Although the season has not yet started, I tried to use it also for the observation and identification of insects and it worked great as I figured. It managed to focus a damselfly at very close distances. Some of my course participants tried the binoculars and it was love at first sight!
I've definitively found my binocular of choice, and the Endeavor ED II will travel with me for a very long time.


We would like to thank Nicola for trying out the Endeavors, and for putting this review together combined with his fantastic images!

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